ADHD/ADD Testing

Are you struggling with distractibility, inattention, or the inability to focus? Have you or a loved one, every wondered if you have ADHD or ADD? Here at Serene Solutions, Master’s Level Psychologist, Maria Swiftoot, conducts ADHD/ADD testing for individuals 18 years and older at our Atriums Location. The cost for this service is not billed to your insurance. However, upon request an invoice and receipt will be provided to you for those who wish to request reimbursement through their insurance company. The cost for the evaluation and testing is $400 which is due upfront at the time of your appointment. Please note that not all insurances will reimburse you for this service. Thus, its advisable for you to contact your insurance company prior to your appointment to determine if they will reimburse you. The evaluation may or may not confirm a diagnosis consistent with ADHD/ADD. At the conclusion of the evaluation, you will receive a detailed report outlining any diagnosis and/or recommendations and Maria Swiftfoot will answer any questions you may have regarding the report.To schedule an appointment with Maria for ADHD/ADD testing please click the “Request Appointment” link below. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you must call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance or you may be charged the entire cost of the evaluation.

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